The Fire

A fire broke out in the Altar Boys Sacristy on Sunday evening of 18th November 1956. The Sacristies and much of their contents were destroyed and much of the beautiful carved woodwork in the Sanctuary. The picture of Our Lady of Mount Carmel hanging behind the High Altar was destroyed. The damage was conservatively estimated at 10,000 pounds. In the space of six months, two thousand pounds had been donated and a further two thousand pounds raise by the restoration committee. The restoration cost 4,500.00 pounds which just under half of the estimated cost.

New brick sacristies were built (the current ones), which were blessed on 16th July, the Parish Feast Day, 1957 by Bishop Freemen, Auxiliary to Cardinal Gilroy. The great window behind the main altar was added instead of the painting of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It was crafted by Mr Stephen Moor of Ars Sacra Studio. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart presented a painting of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception which painted by Mother Zahel in 1915 after the painting by Murillo. It is still hanging in the church.