Dear Friends,

With the announcement of Monsignor Greg Flynn's appointment to South Strathfield parish I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedication, energy and service Monsignor Greg has given to Waterloo parish for the last eight years. Monsignor Greg has also served as the Dean of the City Region. It is with a grateful heart that we wish him well in his new appointment at St Anne's South Strathfield. 

Fr Gerard and I will take responsibility for the pastoral care of Waterloo as well as Redfern and Rosebery. Each parish has its own strengths and challenges and as a partnership of communities I know we can work together to realise a new vision for the Catholic Church in the city south. My hope and vision is that as a partnership of parishes we might see this time as an opportunity to renew the parish spaced in which we live, to consider the possibilities that will support the spiritual, educational, social justice and other needs of our every growing area.

This vision needs to also consider our rich history, traditions and cultures and how they can renew by reaching out and fully embracing the predominant cultures that are moving into the area. For this hope and vision to become a reality it will require our energy and zeal. It will require our prayer and wisdom. It will require our cooperation and collaboration. It will require our patience, time and love. As we begin a more serious time of discernment, I need to make some immediate changes to our liturgy times. After consultation, I have decided on the changes which appear on the next page. These changes take effect from 12/13 May. 

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph intercede for us.

Fr Paul Smithers